Anyone Can Do This One

This is a ONE PAGE Website... At the END you simply say
Yes or No

There are no Qualifiers, No Monthly Auto Ship, No Inventory

It is So Easy to Do and to make an Instant Decision on the Spot ...

... it only requires this one
 Page to Explain It and for You to Decide
 if you Want to Make $1800.00 every
Week by Simply Getting
other People to Do Exactly
 What You are Doing Now.

Which is... going THROUGH this One Page Website and at the end simply choose
Yes or No.

Here is The Question.  Do you want to make $1800.00 every week?

If you Do then Click Yes Now!

No, we are not collecting your
email or your traffic.

If You know right Now You cannot
Get Anyone to just go through this
... then this will not work for you.

But if you can ... then they will make
 the same decision you are about to make
yourself which is Yes or No.

We sell 1 ounce American Eagle Silver
coins at $35 each at current
silver spot price in a package of 18.

You can make a partial payment of $260
 on a $660.oo purchase that includes
$30 shipping and handling
to your address.

You CANNOT pay by credit card.
 We only accept money orders
and certified funds.

  Whoever sent you to this website
 is doing an indirect sales presentation
to you right now using web technology
that makes this possible.

More than likely you are here as a result
of THAT person doing exactly what you
are now
and they chose yes
at the bottom of this screen
to be an Advertiser for us and become
an Independent Sales Representative earning a commission credit
should you decide to become a customer
or utilize our FREE opportunity and tell others to go through this page...

and do this most incredible wealth move
for people with very little money and no vehicle to change that.

Poor people with no money don't own any silver or gold coins.

  Our Independent Sales Representatives
can then EARN a commission of $400
and pay off the entire balance owed
on their coins by a process every
broke person is acquainted with

known as "SWEAT EQUITY".

Instead of our company,
Family of Eagles Inc.,
 spending millions on worldwide
 advertising and indebting ourselves
with expensive real-estate from
which to sell our coins...

We utilize the oldest form of marketing
known to man and that is
"Word of Mouth" advertising.

We also now use the
to be able to reach out to the world
and only need this one page
to bring those World Wide Customers
to a sales presentation on our
company's virtual doorstep.

No one has to earn our coins or participate
in the earning them option
or pay anything to be able to earn
coins and additional commissions.

No money can buy you an income
or a position.  We only have coins
for sale and all commissions are
earned by selling not buying.

Those who want to earn coins as well
as cash can do both because
the OPPORTUNITY is in advertising
this webpage and creating traffic
that buy coins from us because of
your pointing them here.

Can you send people to this site?
 Then you can do this and not only earn
a SUBSTANIAL yearly income and
silver and gold coins but you can
build a group advertising team
 that can grow your coin buyers
you sent here and if they too
 want to earn their coins they can
sign up for FREE as an ISR
 and earn coins and commissions as well.

You do the Math.
You can elect to do a partial payment
and pay the balance by earning $400
 commission through "sweat Equity"
and more $400 commissions.

Every sale to a customer creates a
Tracking Center in the Company
Computer and it Tracks through
our software every visitor and
customer that you sent to your
website coded just to you for free.

It also Tracks anyone that you send
who also wants to own coins by
earning the balance rather than
paying it and you get credit for
 every sale they make also.

The Company automatically creates
within its Sales Rep Database 7 Tracking Centers with two teams. The company software is Tracking the customer
 and applies the proper sale to those
who were both directly and indirectly as a team responsible for the sale being made.

Every time one of your guests visiting
 our site because you directed them here
and if they become a customer you are
credited one sale credit. 

When you accumulate
5 sales in your right side team and
 5 sales in your left side team
 you earn a $400 commission.

  If you have an outstanding balance
owed on a coin purchase the commission
 pays the balance and your coins are
shipped to you.

The next time whether it be ten minutes
or ten years that your Tracking Centers
that are Tracked accumulates
5 more sales on the right and
5 more on your left you
earn another $400 commission
which is mailed to you.

  You can repeat this process earning three $400 commissions and a $600 bonus commission each and every week.

As hard as it is for you to believe
that all you have done is send people
to this webpage who may want to
earn coins and commissions by sending people they know here also.

Now this is where the Yes or No gets
real easy for you to make your decision.

Anyone that you directly or indirectly
send here are Tracked as a
 part of your Team Unit and  you get
credit for each of their sales just as
if you had made the sale yourself.

That means that you may have
5 people in your right team and
5 people in your left team
that you personally did not send
here but those you did (send here)
sent them and you will be credited
with those indirect sales from your
advertising organization and
those $1800.00 checks
come to your mailbox every week.

If this sounds like something that you
can do and you want to own some
coins yourself and you will just talk
and tell others about our website
and don't try to explain it to them but
let them do exactly what
 you are doing right now.

Yes or No?

  Would you like to buy 18 one ounce
American Eagles Silver Coins
from Family of Eagles Inc. for
a total of $660 or opt to use the
$260 partial payment and earn
the balance of $400 through
sweat equity and become an
Independent Sales Representative
for Free and if you are unable to earn
your balance that you will pay
that balance within 24 months.

After you earn your first set of coins
you will never have to pull money out
of your pocket to own more because
our unique 28 day rule will use one
of your $400  commissions to
 pay for them.

That looks like this:
Step 1 commission $400 that pays off balance. 

Next time the computer Tracks sales
that credit you an additional 5 and 5
you earn a Step 2 $400 commission

... the repeat at Step 3 for $400
and if at any time whether it be
ten minutes or ten years you have a
Team Member advertiser each earn
a Step 3 commission of $400 in the
same pay period you will
receive a $600 Bonus.

For the next 28 days you can earn
$1800 in commissions each week.
 On the 29 day whether it takes ten
minutes or ten years the next time
you earn a Step commission of $400
it will apply that to another coin
purchase and post one half sale
credit to your whole Team that are
Tracking sales credit from having
told you about this webpage and
simply asked you to do
 what you are doing now.

Simply Click on the "Yes" right below
you now to purchase coins and earn
the balance or click this "No" now
and it will return to your browser.

Thank you for visiting my website.
would like to invite you to Join Us
by Clicking
Call or Email Us that You are Joining
so We can Assist You to get started.